About Me

Who I Am

 Hi I am Meighan Kirkpatrick, the owner of Healing Spirit Sanctuary.  I have been massaging for over 8 years and am very passionate about, and grateful to facilitate and participate in the healing of my clients. I have a degree from the University of Portland, OR, and have massage and bodywork  certifications from the College of Vitality in Carlsbad, CA as well as ASIS here in Tucson, AZ.

 I am a mother, a student of life, spiritualist, an entrepreneur, athlete, nature lover, crystal addict, and strive to lift others up and help people in any way I can. 

What I Do

I work diligently with every client to help be a catalyst for the change that is possible within them. I believe in facilitating the healing within you.  I strive to help bring the body into balance with a variety of techniques and tools. I specialize in deep tissue & injury management in culmination with relaxing therapeutic bodywork. I work with you to help get you in a better place, physically, emotionally and otherwise. I utilize the benefits of natural healing including; aromatherapy, herbalism, crystal healing, spirituality, meditation and yoga to name a few.

Ultimate Goal

To work together as a team to get you pain free through multiple healing facets and modalities. To bring your body back into balance and get you feeling great holistically.

 To increase your quality of life, and to guide you to make the changes you need to make to transform your life for the better. To help you  on your journey to fulfilling your true potential and see the light within you. To facilitate raising your awareness, consciousness and vibration allowing you to be the best You, you can be!